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"Name's Black Cat. I've tried to play hero. But I'm never going to be one of the good guys like Spider-man or Captain America or the Fantastic Four. This is who I am. Cat Burglar Extraordinaire; Private investigator, founder of Cat’s Eye Investigations."

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So, I’m going on a date thing tomorrow. I don’t wanna call it a date though cause I’m not really that interested, so let’s call it a hang out— ANYWAY, he’s taking me to see the new Spider-Man movie.
Anyway, I’m just like:

I feel kinda bad, but we have like nothing in common. And he’s just not funny, but he tries way too hard to be. 

New Avengers v1 #60


        “Your place? I mean, I already know who you are. In my place, I’d have to go and hide stuff with my name on it, and it’d be a huge hassle, and you’d be bored by the time I got done.” For once, he’d like a place where he had the comfort of four walls around him, and the added benefit of not having to flee like a wildman in the morning. 

        “And no, you couldn’t be a hundred percent sure. I could have had a reptile head. Or eight funky eyes.”

     ”My place it is then.” She threw an arm around his shoulder, the other against his chest where her hand rested, “And I knew— however, I don’t really see how it matters now~ “

Going to take a break to do some painting. 


        With a sense of balance as keen as his, and strength to boot, he didn’t need to be helped up. But regardless, he took her hand and hoisted himself to his feet. “You’re right. As much as I’m glad you got to see my mug and all,” He leaned downwards to scoop his gloves and both of their masks from where they lie, “It was a pretty bad idea to do it here.” After pulling his mask down snugly over his head, he handed hers to her. 

        “I’d also like to point out that this is the first time you could ever be a hundred percent sure I was a human being.”

      “Oh, I knew you were a human being,” she said, taking her mask from him to set back into place. “It wasn’t that hard to decipher from our more intimate encounters.” Now that they were both set, she moved back into his arms like a magnet. “Can we go somewhere more private? I’d like to see more of that face of yours.” 


  “Good. That was real risky, but I’m glad you like what you see.” Peter still found himself smiling, feeling like he was back on top again and hit a new stride. To feel her fingers run through his hair for the first time was something he wasn’t likely to forget for a long time, that was for sure.

        “I suppose you don’t wanna know anything else yet… Like who I am when I’m not being a dashing adventurer.” If she didn’t, he understood. Today was a big enough step already. 

     Shifting in his lap, she stood and fixed her zip back into place until it could go up no further. Extending a hand, she then offered to help him to his feet. “One step at a time, Spider. One step at a time. For now, maybe we ought to put our masks back on. At least until we get out of the open?” 


        I t was like a weight was lifted off of him that had burdened him for so long. The woman who was so much to him, a friend, a lover, a sometimes enemy, a constant in his life. And for the first time, she was in his world now. 

        Peter didn’t have time to dwell on the importance of that single moment, as she set her lips upon his, and he was more than happy to oblige. Before he poured everything he had into his kiss, he carefully reached up and peeled her mask away from her face, which he dropped on top of his own, which lay flat below them. Once gone, he was on her, kissing wildly. He kissed her cheeks, once rosy with laughter, her cheekbones, one for each, then her forehead, which was peppered all around with his affection.

                     She stayed…

        His arms were thrown around her sides, where he hugged her tightly to his body. Today he felt a closeness to her that he had never felt before, and he wanted their bodies to reflect that.

    With a soft, sweet sounding laugh, Felicia felt her cheeks flood with a warmth as he kissed all over her face. “Okay, okay,” she laughed once more, “down boy.” Eyes crinkled with a smile as she then gazed down on his face. 
     His face. It was him, her Spider. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Stupid question, but then she felt as equally as dumb for leaving it for so long. She could actually run her fingers through his hair now, which she did. 
     ”I can’t believe I did that. But I’m glad.” 


        He no longer knew what surprised him more. The fact that she was on a collision course with his secret identity and his real life, or that he couldn’t find it in him to escape her hold and swat her hand away. It’s been far too long for that. Far too many years. Far too long have they danced the dance and skirted the line for him. He was ready, whether she really was or not. 

        “Just… Be careful.” Was all he could warn. He wouldn’t force this upon her. She didn’t deserve that. Her hesitation was clear and obvious, and he had to operate with delicacy. 

      He was just as worried as she was. No doubt whether or not she would accept him for who he really was under all this. “Ten years and I’ve never seen your face…” she mused aloud,  ”if I’m not ready now, who’s to say I’ll ever be?” It was now or never. “I can do this,” she said, exhaling. She loved him, he loved her, what more was there to it? Would all that come crashing down over something so… superficial? She had to be more mature than that. 

     ”Here goes…” Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and pulled the mask off the rest of the way. And after a few seconds ticked by, only then did she start to peek through her lashes. First, his face was a partial blur. Once reason being that she was still lying so close to him. Still, she was eye to eye with him, and was met with two pools of brown, filled with what she read as uncertainty. 
     Rising up a little, supporting herself on her hands, she took in the rest of his features. His hair, like his eyes, was brown and sticking every which way. Finally the missing pieces of the puzzle were solved. He was… cute. Really cute. 

     And before he could get a word out, Felicia suddenly sealed her mouth against his. 


        I t was an unstable series of events that night. It went from a conversation, to kissing, then more kissing, a tickle fight, her working attempts to seduce him… Then this. A tense moment that he wasn’t aware that she shared with him. Never before had the inkling that the only thing keeping his real life from her was a piece of fabric occurred to him like it was now. 

        There was his nose, his lips, his chin, and the bottom of his cheekbones. The fact that she was only a few inches from changing everything never became such a real feeling. 

                         Would I even stop her?

        “Uh…” Was really all Peter could say.

          Now what? 

     Releasing the breath she only then realized she’d been holding, she continued, though it was painfully slow. Her heart was pounding so loud she could hear it in her ears. And then the what ifs started. What if she wasn’t attracted to him? What if he wasn’t how she imagined? 

     ”I have no idea what I’m doing,” she whispered softly. “I just know I really want to see your eyes.” 


        He wanted to shoot back with something snarky or witty that showed he didn’t, but… “Like? More like love.” Her eyes were now on the level with his, and the temptation to unmask now and catch her eyes, and just hold them was great. But that was something he couldn’t do. 

        Now that their chests were together, excitement grew to new levels. Never had he tired of them, even after all these years. She was a gifted woman through and through, but it was these gifts he was focused on entirely.

     Felicia stilled after a moment, her smile growing briefly, before fading to give her a look of overall curiosity. She could feel his intense look, though masked. It was enough to make her catch her breath.
     One hand released it’s hold on his wrist and moved to the edge of his jawline. There, her index finger traced along the length of it before coiling as she paused with quiet contemplation. 
     Slowly and without a word, she started to lift up his mask. His lips were revealed first; a pair she was quite familiar with. Next, came his nose (cute as a button), and there, she froze. She wanted to see, but couldn’t bring herself to go any further. Then again, she was dying to know what colour his eyes were. Or was it just the heat of the moment or the sudden closeness she felt? 


        “Oh. Oh.” He should have known. Felicia Hardy had him pinned, and she wanted to dish out some punishment. Peter thought he could stand steadfast and resist her wily ways, but when she leaned forward, giving him a clear view down her suit and at her bountiful swells… 


        “You’re playing dirty…”

     She stretched out along him, taking his hands and setting them above his head, bringing them nose to nose and pressing their chests together. “Admit it, Spider… you like when I play dirty.” 


        When pounced, he landed on the ground with an exaggerated ‘oof,’ though any possibility of it being painful was betrayed by his grin. His wrists were pinned and over his head, now at the mercy of the Black Cat— And he couldn’t be happier.

        From his vantage point on the ground, he could really get a good look at her face, reddened and smiley… She was a whole different type of beauty now. “Payback? Do your worst.” He challenged.

      Peter might not have been ticklish, but she knew of his other weaknesses. One, being her. And from her current position, payback would be a breeze. Not only did he have a perfect view of her semi-exposed chest (a view that a lot of men would die for), but she was straddling his waist. Current goal: Get the Spider flustered. With a little shift here and a wiggle of her hips there, Felicia flipped her hair back and leaned in nice and close.
      Do your worst, he’d said. To which she replied, “Sure about that?” 


He took note of how she was eyeballing Groot as if he were a towering piece of potential cashflow and crosses his arms, glaring at her. “Have to be the second person today I’ve met that uses ‘cat’ in their name. I digress. Somethin’ about’ya seems to rub us both the wrong way..”

     A low chuckle sounded in the back of her throat. “I think in this circumstance, that could be said for the three of us. You’re clearly not from around here, so I’m certain that would have something to do with it.” 


        “Stop what?” He knew, that was plain to see, but he took a page from her book and chose to be difficult. Now that she was against the wall, he had all the leverage he needed to unrelentingly continue his assault. 

        He was enjoying this rare display more than he should have been. Despite her protests, Peter knew she was happy. Smiling, laughing, squeals, seeing her happy made him happy as well. And really, he was all about brightening days.

     With another high pitched squeal, the feline shoved him backward, then pounced on him, tackling him to the ground. Quickly, she ensnared both of his wrists and pinned his arms either side of his head. If he really wanted to, he could break her hold, but Felicia really just needed this moment to catch her breath. Her chest was heaving, made easier by the fact that the front of it wasn’t so confining as before, and her cheeks were flushed a rosy pink. “I think… it’s time… for a little payback,” she stated between inhalations of air. Despite this, her smile remained. 


"Name’s Rocket, of the Guardian’s of the Galaxy. And the big guy behind me is-"




"Of course I was going to let you introduce yerself, buddy!"




"Her, a thief? You really think so?"

     Felicia leaned back a little and lifted her gaze as the walking pile of bark came up behind her furry acquaintance. “A talking raccoon and a tree that walks.” People would pay through the nose for something like this…
     Whoever these guys were, she’d never heard of them. “Ahem,” she cleared her throat, interrupting. “I have a name, boys. It’s Black Cat.”